If You Only Remember One Thing, Remember You Are A Badass


Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you've had a chance to overindulge and celebrate all that is good in your life this year! We certainly have and this mini-post is about all I can manage at the minute. They'll be more to come once this mince pie, wine-induced holiday fog clears my head!

My beautiful bridesmaid and friend for life, Chelsea, got me this book for Christmas - YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero. I'm one chapter in and I'm hooked; I actually had to rush to the computer to share this with you all. Now is your best down-time to get settled into the couch/hammock/bed with a good book to relax and craft out some truly worthwhile new year's resolutions. 

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a unashamed aficionado of self-help books. This one is certainly no-nonsense, as you might have guessed from the title - "YOU ARE A BADASS" How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, and as straightforward as it gets.

I won't spoil your reading but wanted to share a passage that has really jumped out at me already. It's brash and to the point. And hopefully one that will prompt you to buy a copy and get passionate about your life...

[page 16 - YOU ARE A BADASS By Jen Sincero]

"We need smart people with huge hearts and creative minds to manifest all the wealth, resources, and support they need to make their difference in the world. We need people to feel happy and fulfilled and loved so they don't take their shit out on themselves and other people and the planet and our animal friends. We need to be surrounded by people who radiate self-love and abundance so we don't program future generations with gnarly beliefs that 'money is bad' and 'I'm not good enough' and 'I can't live the way I want to live'. We need kickass people to be out of struggle and living large and on purpose so they can be an inspiration to others who want to rise up, too. 

The first thing I'm going to ask you to do is to believe that we live in a world of limitless possibilities. I don't care if you have a lifetime of proof that you can't stop shoving food in your face or that people are intrinsically evil or that you couldn't keep a man if you were handcuffed to his ankles - believe that anything is possible anyway. 

See what happens - what do you have to lose? If you try getting through this book and decide it's a bunch of crap, you can go back to your sucky life. But maybe, if you put your disbelief aside, roll up your sleeves, take some risks, and totally go for it, you'll wake up one day and realise you're living the kind of life you used to be jealous of."

Why not give it a try? 

Happy Holidays!

Love Sophie x