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I've been super silent on the blogging front for the past month and for that I apologise, but I do have some exciting news to finally share that I hope you'll enjoy.....

 Stefan and I took the plunge and put a deposit down for the exciting new South Sound development, Vela by Davenport. Having "finished" renovating our apartment in Southern Skies (if you can ever say you've finished) we were ready to take on another exciting design project and Vela came knocking!  


We've purchased a two bedroom townhouse which will be ample size and space for the two of us and our lifestyle. And this was the most important first step in the design process - analyse our lifestyle.

We both love to cook and entertain, read and practice yoga.

We want a modern, clean space that has good flow between rooms and the smaller spaces.

We want greenery and light to make the space feel as large as possible, to accommodate many without easily feeling stuffy and overcrowded.

We want to create that Sunday feeling of loving homey down-time, anytime. 

How do you make your space suit your lifestyle? 

With three bedroom spaces and only us two and a cat to house (at least for the time being!) we decided to enclose the roof terrace to convert this huge space into a third bedroom, bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and terrace overlooking the pool - soon to be dubbed the Prior penthouse suite. With this design decision made, we have freed up the second floor spare bedroom to become an office and yoga space, extending our master bedroom living space to the entire second floor.

Without mapping out every design decision, we've decided to forego a master walk-in wardrobe and pursue a custom built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. This sacrifice has allowed us to free-up more space downstairs and create that all important laundry room on the bedroom level. Why do designers miss this modern-day necessity and continue to place the laundry room on the ground level? I'm baffled!

What is your style?

Most people do not have one set design style.  Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, Shabby-Chic - the list goes on. I could easily live in any of these styles and my style is forever changing.  When we designed Southern Skies we were drawn to classic modern furniture and clean Scandinavian hues in contrast with quirky industrial style furnishings. And we think it works. (See our Southern Skies renovation and Inside Out feature here)

How to choose style you won't get tired of?

Even in just over a short year, we've become tired of certain features, colours and my extensive trinkets.

At Vela, we'll be firmly focusing more on classics - woods, whites and golds - that we won't tire so easily of and which will last the test of time, whatever new style is trending. With classic features, you can easily introduce new pop of colours in the smaller, cheaper items which allows your style to evolve and change with the times.  

Here are some of our current Vela design lusts (also on our instagram @lusticlife):


Our palette has moved on from the bold, dark greys and contrasting mustard yellows to simpler, more sophisticated design. Holidays to the American Trade Hotel, Panama, and The Surf Lodge, Montauk have definitely impacted our style and design choices. Don't hold back on planning those incredible holidays - you don't know where the influences will take you! 

Another fantastic spot which we take a great deal of inspiration from is the newly renovated Marriott. We love their style and it has been so excited to see Cayman keep up with modern, good design - nice work team!

(photos courtesy of Laura Skec


Can't find your style?

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Happy planning! x

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