The Best Spa Day At The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

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In Partnership with The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Turning the big 3-0 this past June made me reflect on my self-love and self-care routine, mainly to see if there was anything I could reverse in trying to accept that this Cayman-born skin isn't getting any younger and to give my mind, body and soul some more regular love!

It just so happened this coincided with a kind invite from The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman to try out their summer specials at the gorgeous La Prairie Spa. You can imagine this invite was met with a giddy "Heck Yes!" from me.

Like with everything The Ritz Carlton does, their service and attention to detail is out of this world, and it starts well before you arrive.

Before You Set Off For Luxury

With a La Prairie spa appointment, you'll be called and reminded of your appointment a couple of days in advance {helpful for someone like me who's got a load of plates spinning, and a spa treatment is not one I'd like to drop!}. They also ask if you're celebrating anything special so don't be shy to mention a life event and allow them to really make a fuss of you!

When setting off for the spa, don't forget your swimsuit and a good book or magazine {well, if you do you can always use it as an excuse to shop at La Boutique like I did here}. I also recommend arriving at least an hour before your appointment to really make the most of your experience. If arriving by car, be sure to take advantage of the complimentary valet parking where you can drive right up to reception and swan in like a guest (remember to validate your ticket at spa reception).


Checking In & Settling In

The spa itself is located downstairs, below the reception level (by stairs or elevator) and features a spectacular geo-metric, ice-inspired entrance way - just asking for its own photo shoot!

As expected, your check-in is totally seamless, as the front staff confirm your services and guide you to the changing rooms....aka the sanctuary! Note the sanctuaries are separated for men and women so bring separate bags if visiting with your partner. You'll next see them in the treatment area upstairs after you've enjoyed a sauna and steam!

The sanctuary itself is stunning - like a fresh, luxury dressing room fully stocked and serviced for your every need. This is why you'll need that extra hour - there are lockers filled with white bathrobes and slippers, large couches for lounging, private changing rooms, mint water, cold cucumber slices for your eyes, fresh towels, a sauna, steam room, showers, and a {very hot} hot tub. 

For me, this was the perfect chance to have a swim, unwind between the sauna and steam room and refresh with some infused water and iced towels before my treatment. You might not want to swim after a facial or massage so use this time to enjoy all of the facilities before drying off and being collected 15 minutes prior to your treatment. (Top Tip: Don't forget to bring your book to enjoy upstairs after your treatment).

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The Escape Upstairs

Once escorted upstairs in your robe and slippers, you'll find the luxury lounge and be met by your partner {if appropriate}. Enjoy a heated neck warmer and pick your custom music for your treatment - I particularly love the Native Indian soundtrack but you can't really go wrong. 

Once it's time for your treatment you'll be collected and escorted to a wonderful treatment room ready to totally zen out. The heated massage table, luxury eye mask and scented warm towels placed on your hands, feet and neck are a dream come true. Even if you find it hard to switch off, I bet you'll be completely zoning out at this point!

My 45 minute Swedish massage was the perfect amount of pressure release and relaxation. Surely this is exactly what the doctor ordered? *ambitiously checks insurance card* 

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Champagne & More

After you've finished your treatment, you'll be escorted back to the lounge to enjoy some champagne, tea, infused water, fruit, nuts, muffins and plantain chips (the healthier chip option that I tend to devour here!).

With a good book in hand and velvety sofas, I really settled in for a good 30-45 minutes here to soak in the pure luxury of the Ritz. Heck it's not like this is an every day occurrence....or is it.

The Spa sales currently on offer are making me think this could be a regular thing - prioritising self-care and all that....! Perhaps a monthly spa, sauna, steam, treatment and indulgent book reading session should be part of my "essentialist" self-care routine....(yeah I'll keep dreaming).

Deals To Indulge

Make this the perfect girlie getaway, a couples escape, a self-care Saturday or a you-survived-the-summer-with-kids gift from YOU to YOU! Trust me, it will be money well spent.

And what's that? You insist I come with you? No problem, that's just the kind of friend I am!

The current deals available now until November 19th are:

  • Customized swedish massage 30 minutes (US$100)

  • Refresher facial 30 minutes (US$100)

  • Caviar eye lift 30 minutes (US$100)

  • Swedish massage 45 minutes (US$150)

  • La prairie customized facial 45 minutes (US$150)

  • Mineral body treatment 45 minutes (US$150)

  • Manicure and pedicure 60 minutes (US$120)

(Note: prices do not include a 20% gratuity fee and always best to check before you book!)

This post is written in collaboration with The Ritz Carlton Cayman but all opinions remain, and will always remain, my own! 

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