The Lustic Life Book Club


The Lustic Life Book Club, as featured in the Camana Bay Times, February 2018



A new book club inspires thinkers and doers

A new book club launches on Feb. 8 and it will be unlike any other book club in the Cayman Islands.

The Lustic Life Book Club invites readers to “think outside the book” in a way that inspires personal growth when reviewing the chosen selections each month.

Organiser Sophie Prior says the idea for the new book club came as a result of the significant interest in her Luxe + Well wellness retreat that is done in partnership with Nadine Dumas.

“I wanted to create a follow-on event that was based around personal growth in an open setting that was free and accessible on a regular basis,” she says. “I also wanted to create a stronger sense of community around my lifestyle blog, Lustic Life, to establish real-life connections and dialogue around things like changing your mindset, confidence struggles, wellness habits, managing money, business and life goals, all of which are topics I like to blog about.”

Sophie says reading a good book can be very motivating.

“But that moment can be fleeting unless you have someone to engage with or an action plan on how to live inspired by your reading. I want this book club to be a helpful start in that journey,” she says, adding that the goal of the book club is "simply to have people read regularly, connect monthly and create a community of inspired thinkers and doers.”

The reading list for the Lustic Life Book Club will be diverse and include selections that deal with subjects ranging from mindset, personal growth guides and wellness habits to business and finance knowledge.

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“The goal is to cover as many areas of modern-day life to inspire new approaches and new ways of thinking and then to talk about it freely,” she says. “I hope this book club will be the start of some exciting new relationships and will act as a springboard to create new community events from the connections that are made.”

The book club will meet the second Thursday of every month between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at West Indies Wine Company.

“There will be breakaway group discussions around enjoyable and interesting parts of each book based on the Lustic Life reading cheat sheet completed by each reader,” she says. “Each chapter of the Lustic Life Book Club will be different, but the core element will be that we’ll focus on specific areas of the book that resonated the most with the group and discuss how this relates to our current lives.”

The meetings are free, although they don’t include wine for those who wish to enjoy a glass or two while discussing the books. People must register in advance by emailing Sophie at The first meeting is at capacity, but registration for future meetings is now open. The book “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero will be discussed on March 8 and “The One Thing” by Gary Keller on April 12.

Books & Books will offer a 20 per cent discount on the Lustic Life Book Club selections in advance of the meetings. Store manager Terry Cleaver says he’s delighted to support the new book club.

“Historically the books published regarding such topics such as mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and positive thinking were either presented in an academic format or became dated too quickly,” he says. “The new generation of books being published in this genre are slick, clever and are designed to make you live a bit smarter in our brave new world.”


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