Things To Do In Cayman That Are Good For Your Soul

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Although we live on an island, with so much happening Cayman life can feel just as intense and jam-packed as living in some of our big city counterparts. That’s why it’s so important to carve out time for some self-care rituals (a girl’s gotta treat herself, righttt?).

And by self-care, we don't just mean to splash out and head to a hotel spa for the day (although we wouldn't say no), we mean activities and things that make us feel GOOD.  

Fortunately for us, Cayman is brimming with ways to take time out and relax a little, here are our top faves, and they might not be what you think.


Selfcare By Sea

SUP Yoga

What do you get when you cross yoga, paddle boards and the Caribbean Sea?

Serious relaxation.

Take your savasana to a whole other level while floating at sea with our girl Kiristen from Vitamin Sea Cayman. It literally ticks all the boxes of our self-care list: sun, salt, sweat and meditation, and you’ll have the best night’s sleep guaranteed.

Need we say more? We’ll see you on the board.


Free Dive the Kittiwake

If adventure is what you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it here. Take the big swim out or pull up by boat and dive this sunken US rescue vessel on a single breath for the ultimate time out.

By slowing down our breathing and then holding our breath to free-dive, we automatically go into a much more relaxed state and become more mindful of our bodies, our thoughts, and our surroundings.

It’s a great exercise for both your mind and body and one of our favourite pastimes.

Self-care By Sweat

Rooftop Yoga

Now we know it wouldn't be a self-care list if we didn’t include yoga on it. But this isn't just any yoga class, Wednesday mornings with Bliss Yoga are currently the dreamiest yoga sessions you can get your hands on. Set atop the balcony of (dare we say it) Cayman’s trendiest boutique hotel, the newly revamped Beach Suites, you can get your zen on with the lovely ladies of Bliss for a sunrise class (or evening classes) with views spanning the turquoise Caribbean sea.

Spin in style

If you really need to sweat it out and are looking for something a bit more high-energy than yoga, look no further than Ryde Cayman.

This Spin Studio is a new Lustic favourite and will have you sweating away all your worries in no time. Catch you there on a Sunday morning to sweat out Saturday night’s toxins with the inspirational studio owner Christine. Oh and did we mention, it’s themed to music? Whether soca, rap or even mo-town gets you going, they’ll have something for you!


Selfcare By Food

A New Local Treat

Treating yourself in Cayman just wouldn't be right without food, GLORIOUS FOOD.

And fortunately for us, there’s no shortage of that.

We’re spilling the tea on our new fave treat-yourself indulgence: the local honey and sea salt ice cream at Andiamo, Ritz Carlton which was just showcased at Taste of Cayman earlier this month.

This stuff is seriously the bee’s knees (no pun intended) and we just can’t seem to keep our paws off it.

This stuff is seriously the bee's knees (no pun intended) and we just can't seem to keep our paws off it. Stop by for lunch to sample some of their Italian staples and make sure to leave room for dessert, because this stuff is the perfect gooey balance of salty and sweet…and you can take it home by the tub!

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Self-care By Sound

Meditation With A Twist

Have you ever tried a south bath? Or maybe the better question is have you ever heard of a sound bath?

Sound baths (or sound healing) are a form of meditation whereby a practitioner plays an assortment of power crystal bowls to which are tuned at specific tones and frequencies to resonate with our cells and help to clear emotional blockages/ align our chakras. It’s a transformative experience and so so soothing.

Treat yourself and book into the next session at Body Works, your mind and body will thank you for it.


Have you tried any or all of the above?

Is there something we missed? If you have any recommendations of Cayman self-care spots or activities we’d love to hear!

Comment below or message us on social and we’ll be sure to give it a try!