5 Quick + Easy Tips To Style Your Tropical Home

Love the island life but don’t know how to incorporate this into your home?

Keen to add a touch of "jungalow" but don't know where to start?

Worried that your home is too outdated to be Caribbean-chic?

Well don't panic, here are some fun and affordable ways to add a touch of modern Caribbean charm to your interiors without breaking the bank or going all beach house shell-tastic on it!

1.    Bring the outside in.

The easiest way to create an inviting, tropical feel to your home is to bring the outdoors in with plants. You can create a luscious tropical feel super easily by incorporating plants into your home. The greenery will instantly boost the island vibe and will act as a natural air freshener - a double win!

We all love succulents, but why not go a little larger with an areca palm (also called a bamboo palm) or a snake plant? Both of these can survive in low light indoors with very little care. Just be sure to acclimatise the plant gradually by decreasing the amount of sunlight it receives slowly and make sure you don’t overwater. Always remember to check if the plant is safe for pets too!

Here's a really handy visual from Brit + Co with some cool indoor plants and their sunlight and watering needs. 

2. Get back to basics.

When you think of tropical colours you often think of strong blues and greens, but to create a light and airy, carefree environment, whites and natural woods are the way to go.

If you’re looking to upgrade any larger pieces in the bedroom or living room, why not go back to neutral.

By using lots of white and natural tones in major furnishings such as bed linens, curtains, sofa covers and rugs, the pops of green from plants and crash cushions automatically have more emphasis.

The lighter, more natural colourings create a feeling of beachside wooden cabanas and flowing island breezes - the perfect backdrop to your tropical oasis.

I'm currently really digging the reasonably priced and uber stylish selection on Article, CB2, Chairish and West Elm

3. Go for it with cushions.

Throw pillows and sofa cushions are a very affordable way to update your interiors without blowing the budget. Tropical prints are all the rage and there are some really fresh and modern styles on offer at some great prices.

Check out some great printed cushions on Etsy by searching: philodendron leaves, banana leaves, green palms and of course, pineapples! In the Cayman Islands we're also lucky to have some great stock currently on island at places like my new favourite Bedside Manor. The key is to go for a single type of leaf or image per cushion - the mixed leaves or images can look very outdated. 

wall art.jpg

4.  Don’t forget the fresh island air.

Speaking of fresh air, nothing beats it. But we know you’ll have the house locked up for most of the summer with the AC on. We get it. IT. IS. SO. HOT.  So to get a little head start, why not invest in some great quality scented candles.

Coconut, citrus or “sea breeze” (whatever that actually consists of) would give you the perfect calming scent for your island home. And always go for white scented candles, don’t be tempted by the coloured candles in glass jars.

They will clutter a side table really quickly. White candles in their pretty glass holders or free-standing on cute metal plates just can’t be beaten.

5.  Add a splash of fun.

Think bold wall art, ornamental pineapples and flamingos or a pop of fuscia pink that will add that little bit of craziness that we all love from living on a free-spirited island.

Don’t be shy to add something seemingly silly to your space. Provided it isn’t a huge feature that you’ll get bored of or something that will break the bank, it’s the perfect way to add some tropical design.

Keep the talking pieces to smaller, movable items so you can adapt if you fall out of love. I’m still in love with our 3 year old paper mache rhino head on our feature wall at Southern Skies but perhaps it could do with a pop of tropical?!

And who wouldn't want this shower curtain from Amazon!


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Here's to your happy home!