3 Coffee Table Books Actually Worth Buying

If you're anything like me you love a good coffee table book.

Coffee table books are great for making your home look pinterest-worthy in an instance, but more importantly, for the inspiration, excitement and relaxation that comes with picking up a hardback book full of beautiful content.

Like everyone, I spend a lot of my daily life on the computer; even more so now my business is in digital content. However, I can't tell you the amount of joy and happiness that a new book still brings me.

The smell, texture and palpable anticipation when you get your hands on a crisp, unopened, brand new book is really hard to beat. That's why I've decided to share the gift of a new book to those around me this Christmas.

[Spoiler alert to those on the Christmas list, whoops!] 

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In wanting to spread my love of books, I thought I'd put together my top three lifestyle books that really are worth your investment. Sadly too many of us fall foul of thinking snazzy marketing, glossy pages and big price tags make a book worth the splurge.

Speaking from painful experience, do not be fooled - all coffee table books are not created equal!

In anticipation of your Christmas shopping, I've selected my top three favourite hardback books that really are worth the money for yourself or for your loved ones this Christmas. 

What's even better, these books are all available from our very own Books & Books AND I got mine for free using Polyn points! What a win win. If that's not smart Christmas shopping, I don't know what is!

Here come the books...


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This beautiful hardback is a collection of the most exquisite and on-trend photography by the talent that is Gray Malin. The book showcases imagery throughout Sydney, North America, Brazil, Europe, South Africa and Dubai, and all from a unique, birds-eye perspective. 

For someone who has admired Malin's work for some time (even attempting but failing to splurge on his beautiful prints more than once) this book fills the gap for those of us unable to afford the life-sized prints. His work is fresh, clean and adds a stylish pop of colour to your home.

To me the journey is more than just a photograph, but rather a shared expression of a lifestyle, and you’re invited to make every day a joyful getaway.
— Gray Malin, Beaches

Through the inspiring work displayed in this book, I was inspired to create a more personal Gray Malin-esque piece of art for our paper anniversary. Behold, our print from Aerial Innovations framed at Picture This of Grand Old House, our wedding venue on 20th February 2016. 

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It's amazing how simple just looking at new scenery from a different perspective can become art. I love how the book's introduction includes how his inspiration for this new career path started:

In April 2011 I went on a weekend getaway with friends, and our hotel room happened to be twenty stories above a giant swimming pool. As I looked directly down on the crowded scene of sunbathers below, my head began to spin as I observed the bright colours, repetitive shapes and playful elements of this inviting perspective. I could never have imagined that this moment would ignite a passion that would take me all over the world. 
— Gray Malin, Beaches

As you can see, this book is packed with inspiration. The perfect read on Christmas morning in your pyjamas.



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After our stay (and engagement!) at the Surf Lodge in Montauk a couple of years ago, my interest in beach-shack style has certainly grown. 

As confirmed by Vogue, Surf Shack by Nina Freudenberger is simply a stunning book and beautiful read (which I still haven't finished, often getting lost in the imagery!). Inside you'll find a collection of gorgeous homes and learn a snippet about their interesting owners who enjoy laid-back living by the water.

For those of us lucky enough to live in Cayman, this is the perfect reminder to focus on the beauty around us and try to incorporate this into our homes.

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Although living in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands architecture can be quite over-modernised at times and you do have to look hard to find the island-inspired homes that hold their charm today. That's not to say modern homes can't reflect the nature around them but it has to be done consciously and with intention, as this book illustrates within the theme of surfing.

This book is a beautiful gift for the avid surfer, home-design enthusiast or island child. 



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Last but most certainly not least is The Kinfolk Table by Nathan & Katie Williams .

Popular with bloggers, entrepeneurs, designers, foodies and all round readers alike, the Kinfolk collection includes some of the most interesting and original content in hardback form. 

The Kinfolk Table puts the emphasis back on the relationships that surround eating. One-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure, The Kinfolk Table is a collection of 85 delectable recipes spread over 368 pages from creative types around the world including Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Canada and the English countryside.
— Kinfolk.com
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Just purchasing this book inspired me to put on a small gathering for friends and I loved it. The power of books is totally underestimated and something I'd love to re-inspire.

This Christmas Polyn's tagline is "Let Polyn pay for Christmas" and it really works when giving the gift of books, and more! 

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