Nothing Beats Summer Sundays with your Besties

This summer took me back to school holidays in Cayman; endless hours spent in the water with friends, old and new, without a care in the world. Even if it was only for a Sunday.

Times have changed but it doesn't take much to get you back to that carefree beach frolicking, if only for an afternoon.

(NOTE: Inflatable floaties are essential to inducing carefree attitude.) 

Tanya of PictureThis Studios recently (and very generously) sold me her first camera and in that meeting asked whether I would be up for a 'beach photography session'. Being a rather amateur and giggly pretend model, I knew I could drag Harriet along and my new Pegasus from Belle would be the perfect distraction.  I shouldn't have worried as Tanya is such a pro and made all the silly posing really good fun. If you're interested in having a session, she's doing mini-shoots this summer for a bargain.  Or I could test out my skills on you for free! Don't be shy....maybe after brunch?!

Cayman summers are so hot that you don't really want to be at the beach at midday, nevermind when pretending to model! These pictures were taken between 5.30pm and 6.30pm when the beach and lighting is at its prime. You really don't need much help to get the perfect shot with the incredible blue skies and crystal clear water on Seven Mile Beach.  Why not have a go snapping with your beachside besties today? These are the perfect memories to capture and relive, and who knows, you might be Cayman's next insta-model...or just have loads of fun!

Tag #lusticlife and "let's go to the beach-each, let's go get away".

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