The Most Beautiful Breakfasts You'll Ever See


Breakfast is coined the most important meal of the day and yet it's the meal we tend to spend the least amount of time preparing.

Truthfully, who is going to get up at 5am to concoct a three course breakfast? No one I know. And yet, the more I read up on healthy eating, the more I start considering it.

I am a morning person. I find it fairly easy to get up and head out to the gym or yoga but for some reason I can't justify getting up that extra bit earlier just to prep breakfast. I understand not all breakfast options need early morning prep. In fact a regular on the go brekkie for us - Overnight Oats - can all be made the night before (click through for the recipe). However it's hardly a piece of art. The picture above - Breakfast Muffins - is also a pre made brekkie that is worth your (minimal) time and effort:

Bacon Breakfast Muffins

You'll need:

12 beaten eggs
diced onions
sliced mushrooms
diced tomatoes
chopped fresh spinach
12 rashers of bacon
salt and pepper

Line muffin tray with 1 rasher of bacon per 'muffin'. Wrap bacon around edge of casing to create a tray full of circular bacon-lined muffin casing. Mix all other ingredients and evenly pour into bacon-lined casing. 

Bake in oven for 15 mins on 350C or until golden and crispy.
Enjoy immediately or reheat for brekkie

There is a similar recipe in the I QUIT SUGAR book which I'm working my way through and would highly recommend. If you're feeling really ambitious, have a look a this fantastic instagrammer - Symmetry Breakfast - that I regularly admire and get inspired! Creator Michael Zee has taken the world by storm by instagramming breakfasts he prepares (and sometimes buys) for himself and his boyfriend, Mark. 

The Guardian reports “People wonder if I’m crazy or obsessive,” Zee says, “but it is a declaration of love, really. I’m dedicated – both to breakfast and to Mark.” There are now plans to expand offline and into the real world; there were queues at a recent pop-up “symmetry breakfast” club in London. A range of homewares is in the pipeline; next, they want to write a cookbook. When it comes to breakfast, the couple’s roles are clearly defined: Zee cooks and Van Beek, a menswear designer, eats. It’s still a collaboration, Zee says, inspired by their cohabitation. “I do it all, it’s my project, but it wouldn’t exist without Mark.” How on Earth do they find the time to make such elaborate meals every day? “I get up really, really early,” Zee says. “If something takes more than 30 minutes to make, such as a sourdough, I do it the night before. I post at 7.30am and we leave the house at 8am. Usually, within the first hour, I’ll have 1,000 likes and by the next day it will go up to about 3,000.” He admits to making some breakfasts ahead of time if he’s anticipating a hangover (he hasn’t missed a day in a year).

Mark van Beek, left, and Michael Zee. Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Guardian

And here are some of his creations...yes please!