Why You Really Need To Explore Your Neighbourhood


A few weekends ago Stefan and I took off for a Sunday drive to nowhere. By allowing ourselves the time to be nowhere, we were inundated with new secret spots and hidden treasures to uncover, just by taking the time to look. With a busy life and the pressure to make the most of every free moment, I often find we can overcommit ourselves to constant engagements or get wrapped up in the daily routine of house jobs and weekend tasks that you really must do. In doing so we fail to take time out to really explore what's all around us. I am so lucky to call this island my home and yet I often take its beauty for granted. We are all truly spoilt to be living on such a beautiful island and yet if you don't set out the time to do nothing but explore, you can quite easily miss the opportunity to experience half of this island's simplistic beauty.

We decided to drive up to Rum Point, taking the "long" and winding, scenic route via East End; it was beautiful. With no agenda, we stopped off at many deserted and abandoned homes that haven't had inhabitants since fateful Hurricane Ivan passed over Grand Cayman in 2004. Stefan's career is in real estate and so we often spend the weekends scheming and dreaming of our next property 'project' - East End is definitely full of them!

Tukka made for a welcome pitstop of local lion fish cerviche and conch and crocodile fritters - an Aussie mix and a must try! The restaurant is set within a breezy, open, old Caymanian-style house that looks out onto the broken reef and the Wreck of the 10 Sails.  Peaceful, cool and relaxing, we left fed and watered and made our way to relax on a lounger at Rum Point for a few hours' flop in the sun. We couldn't head home without first checking out Kaibo and it's recently renovated coffee shop and restaurant. Super chic and beach casual, it's exactly where you'd want to spend a Sunday in the Caribbean.

Check it all out for yourselves!