Hello and welcome to Lustic Life!

My name is Sophie Prior and I'm grateful that you've joined me on my journey exploring the art of living. I am fortunate enough to call the beautiful Cayman Islands my home, having been born and raised on island life before spending many of my teenage years and beyond studying abroad in exciting cities around the globe. I am a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur and I have a passion for authenticity and creativity in all that I do. 


I am passionate about providing creative and innovative content for new and existing businesses. As our society is increasingly inundated with email spam and marketing spiel on a daily basis, my simplistic aim for your business strategy is to provide quality information to all customers at all times.

I can help your business build a dedicated and devoted audience of clients who truly trust and relate to your authentic business or service. I would love to help your company produce informative, engaging and exciting content to a variety of clientele over a multitude of platforms.  

For more information on my full services please visit or email to get in touch.