Content Marketing: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Interview with Radio Cayman

This week I was honoured to be invited to speak on Radio Cayman's Business Buzz with the lovely host Sabrina Turner where I spoke about my journey leaving law and success with marketing whilst mapping out everything you need to know to get started with content marketing. 

If you're feeling confused by today's marketing landscape, I totally get it. It's tricky to keep up with the latest platforms and it can be overwhelming and pure frightening knowing where to spend your precious dollars. Don't panic. The good news is it's all within your reach and with these no-nonsense tips you can easily crush it with your brand's marketing, today!

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LISTEN FOR THE FULL answers to important questions like:

What is content marketing? 

What makes good content? 

What are some steps that must be taken in creating a successful content marketing plan?

How can content marketing help with lead generation?

How can small businesses include content marketing in their budget?

What are the do's and don'ts of blogging?

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Listen to my interview for free advice on how to get to grips with content marketing, social media, blogging and influencer marketing to help your business refocus and create impactful,  effective marketing without blowing the budget!

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